PYLON personal blog, Is an axisweb Highlight of the week!

I’m so pleased to see The PYLON blog is an axisweb highlight of the week.



Art Reveal magazine

There’s a great article in the art reveal magazine on PYLON.


Please also find on the PYLON page of this website.


PYLON Announcement Press Release APR 2019

LOST PERSON to be exhibited in Lisbon.

Loss and Lucidity an exhibition in California, in which Lost Person was part of, is now officialy a touring exhibiton. There will be two exhibitions in Lisbon in 2019. Lost Person, my video installation will be in both.  Loss and Lucidity curated by Diana Ali will be at the following Galleries:


Art Reveal magazine blog

I shall be blogging throughout 2019 for the Art Reveal magazine about Pylon, an Arts Council England funded project. Details are in the Blog:

Shortlisted for Passion for Freedom competition.

I am pleased to announce that I have been shortlisted for the 10th PASSION FOR FREEDOM Competition, 2018. My artwork QUESTION has been selected.

Selection for (In)Visible, London

I’ve (Lost person) been selected for this exhibition in London, which will have a theme around Mental health. Well done to everyone involved in the making of Lost Person! The exhibition is at The ESPACIO gallery.