Mirrored to the core 2021-2022

MTTC, a video artwork project with an operatic twist.

You can follow the progress of the MTTC Project here:

Collaborator Rosalind Parker’s essay Mirrored to the core:

“Embarking on this journey to realise artist James Paddock’s vision, it felt right that collaboration and cross media interdisciplinarity amongst art forms…come to the fore. Boundary crossing is, in all senses, at the helm of the work.”

Soprano Lizzie Holmes kindly shares about Mirrored to the core :


Jacob Tsering will be lead actor alongside Zing in Mirrored to the core.

For the latest, it’s DAO…

Mirrored to the core

I’m delighted to announce the Collaborators on the Mirrored to the core project. Both London based, Jerome van den Berghe is a Musical Director and Composer in London’s west end and for international touring shows and Rosalind Parker is an Opera Director.

Please take a look at the a-n The Artists Information Company blog.https://www.a-n.co.uk/blogs/rd-and-mentoring-to-develop-a-new-artwork/

Bringing together artists and creatives from Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham and London. Arts Council England South West funded ‘Mirrored to the core (Schizophrenic love)’ The project is truly starting to come together. Where we see video art and opera merging to make a special artistic journey – not only for those making this project but for art viewers too.

Here’s the Mirrored to the core project blog on axis: