About and C.V.

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James Paddock is a visual artist. Using conceptual art, video, man-made and found objects, he shares his unique view of the world.  Discussing frequently overlooked matters with insight and awareness.  Paddock magnifies what he believes to be the most significant points for discussion within the field of contemporary art.

Paddock enjoys presenting an analysis of British culture. He concentrates primarily on humankind exploring the similarities and differences between human beings. Acknowledging world cultures in his practice, while taking an in-depth look at core human traits he pulls resources from a diverse lifetime, together with his observations of today’s society.

Paddock offers us his angle on life, which is an abstract reality of the everyday. With an eye firmly on the conditioning of humans and an evident concern for humans to  freely express themselves, no perspective is left unexamined in Paddock’s artwork.

Searching for contrary evidence beyond current belief systems, Paddock enjoys an independent stance, exploring new ideas and seizing on concepts about life as they naturally occur to him



1995-1996 Winchester School of Art – Foundation.

1996-1999 Cardiff School of Art and Design – B.A. Fine Arts, 2:1 (Hons)



Summer 1999  Degree, Final show. Cardiff School of Art and Design.

1999- 2002    Producing Artwork, to exhibit, but became ill.

2015  100% better, started work on assemblages.

2015  Hadleigh Art centre, Essex,  Open exhibition

2015- 2016 NN Contemporary Art, Northampton open.

2016  Eastleigh Film festival. ‘Thanks’ wall projection.

2016 Bad behaviour open, Brixton East Gallery, London.

2016  National open art exhibition (NOA), Mercers Hall, London,

2016 All in one, Group ‘loop’ exhibition Chiari, Italy.

2017 Solo exhibition ‘Shells’ at the Production house, Eastleigh, Hants.

2017  ‘Blinds’ Installation of the ‘Shells’ project at UCA Farnham.

2017 ‘Blinds’ Real/ Virtual, ugly Duck, Tanner st, London.

2018 LOST PERSON, Solent showcase Gallery, Solent University, 12th April.

2018 ‘Blinds’ The Chelsea College of Arts, London, 11th-15th  April

2018, 4-18th August, LOST PERSON at ‘Loss & Lucidty (The Lost & Found)’ Exhibition at Santora Space205, Santa Ana, California, USA. Curated by Diana Ali.

 2018, 9-14 Oct. ‘LOST PERSON’ (In)visible, Espacio Gallery, London.

 2018, Shortlisted for the Passion for freedom competition, exhibiting QUESTION,  ROA Gallery, Pall Mall, London, 1-12 October.   


Publications, essays and videos

2016 Featured in Art Habens Magazine.

2016 Appeared in the September issue of Average art magazine.

2017 Perceptions/Misconceptions  S H E L L S  Written by Charlotte Bradley

2017 Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeShTbZqK5w

2017 Installation view, SHELLS: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=d6y_KKcYeAg

2017 Appeared in the December issue of Average Art magazine.

2018 wotisart magazine, January issue

2018 Charlotte Bradley’s essay on ‘Lost person’

2018 Art reveal magazine, interview, issue 38.

2019 Art Reveal magazine, PYLON, Issue 47.


Associate and residency

2016 Became a member of the Aspex Gallery AAA Scheme

2016- 2017 Associate Artist at Eastleigh Tec Hub.


Awards and funding

2017 Funded by Arts Council England, for the ‘Shells’ project.

2019 Funded by Arts Council England for the project PYLON.