About and C.V.

 jamie smile


I discuss everyday philosophical matters that might otherwise pass us by and I feel it is important to document our present period in time. So, I do not like to be restricted politically or artistically, I am trying to do my own thing and I like to think that I operate ‘outside the box’. I have an interest in a future ‘OPEN SOCIETY’ where we can have open discussions about disability, gender, race, nationality, sexuality, class, ideas, our feelings and thoughts.

My work focuses on cultural/social issues and generally the everyday. I enjoy questioning mainstream thought, looking at alternatives and articulating aspects of society that are not addressed within contemporary art. It might be celebrating existing aspects of life or focusing on the new or even age old problems in life.

I  use narratives to convey my observations about contemporary society within my bitter-sweet statements. Exploring the unexamined is a key theme to my work and finding a new topic within our everyday to articulate. Gently disrupting current thought and asking “what do you think of this?” within my artworks.


1995-1996  Winchester School of Art – Foundation.

1996-1999  Cardiff School of Art and Design – B.A. Fine Arts, 2:1 (Hons)


Summer 1999  Degree, Final show. Cardiff School of Art and Design.

1999- 2002        Producing Artwork, to exhibit, but became ill.

2015                   100% better, started work on assemblages.

2015                   Hadleigh Art centre, Essex,  Open exhibition

2015- 2016       NN Contemporary Art, Northampton open.

2016                    Eastleigh Film festival. ‘Thanks’ wall projection.

2016                    Bad behaviour open, Brixton East Gallery, London.

2016                    National open art exhibition (NOA), Mercers Hall, London,

2016                    All in one, Group ‘loop’ exhibition Chiari, Italy.

2017                    Solo exhibition ‘Shells’ at the Production house, Eastleigh, Hants.

2017                    ‘Blinds’ Installation of the ‘Shells’ project at UCA Farnham.

2017                    ‘Blinds’ Real/ Virtual, ugly Duck, Tanner st, London.

Publications, essays and videos

2016 Featured in Art Habens Magazine.

2016 Appeared in the September issue of Average art magazine.

2017 Perceptions/Misconceptions  S H E L L S  Written by Charlotte Bradley

2017 Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeShTbZqK5w

2017  Installation view, SHELLS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6y_KKcYeAg

Associate and residency

2016                 Became a member of the Aspex Gallery AAA Scheme

2016- 2017    Associate Artist at Eastleigh Tec Hub.

Awards and funding

Funded by Arts Council England, for the ‘Shells’ project, 2017

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